3D Portfolio

This is a portfolio. So, save a brief subtitle, I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

canyonFinal Desert Canyon

everyLastPieceGRIZATOEvery Last Piece

nextDoorAlongByGrizatoThe next Door Along

RendernoncompostThe Lounge

firstRender3Elizabethan Housing


cylynerA Finite Quantity of Cylinders

render_015Coffee, Croissant, Cypher

frebChristmasByGrizatoBloffin’s Christmas

I also do animations. For example: I did the fire intro for the following video:

I also made the falling petal intro for this one:

I am generally available to do animations and renders. If you are interested, feel free to contact me!


2 thoughts on “3D Portfolio

  1. Helena Penfold

    I love the detail and the ingenuity in these! I find Desert Canyon especially impressive because of the sense of drama, and it looks so real… I have to wonder what inspired that piece? How long does it take you to create these?

    1. Joe Grimer Post author

      Yes, I was very happy with Desert canyon. ’twas a bit of a fluke, really, but I think it turned out allright. I was very happy with the rockface… the only thing that sucks out realism is how short the ground is leading to the horizon. it is technically possible, but perhaps a little visually hard to digest. Each still render takes about 12 hours. (the flute took weeks though).

      I guess each piece springs from it’s own idea. For the desert, I just wanted a landscape… and I added and removed things until I was happy!


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