Hardship creates greatness

Life is so very complicated, is it not? Well of course the answer is it is and it isn’t… Sometimes the answer one is looking for isn’t anything like the true answer, and most of the time the real answer points to something much more subtle… much more profound:

I hope you like the picture! It was a bit of an accident… But I think it’s beautiful. At the time, I called it “Eternal Rose” probably because I was obsessed with eternity at the time ;) It isn’t really an eternal rose… In fact it isn’t really a rose. It’s square, and wound into the red clouds around it. But I couldn’t exactly have called it “Square picture that looks like a rose in a sea of red cloud that reminded me once of eternity”… now could I?

On that note, let’s start with a rose. Let us animate that rose. It has the will to choose. Now of course it grows naturally from good things… water, sunlight. It needs them to survive. And if something really bad were to happen to that rose, it would be crushed and die. It is really a very fragile thing. However, if something painful, if something annoying, if something hard were to befall the rose, what would become of it?

Now, remember, our rose can choose. It can choose to shrivel and die under hardship. It can choose to give up. But with a little fear, but with more than a little bravery, our rose can not only exist like the normal plants beside it, but it can thrive. It can claw it’s way through the dead log that has fallen on top of it, and stretch its way into the light.

Would it not then be a greater rose?


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