More Toki Pona

One day I’ll get sick of this constructed language once and for all, but for the moment, there still seem to be some things that bring me back to Toki Pona. I had a more thorough read of the book today, and frustratingly read through the “Toki Pona Proverbs section”, which managed to concentrate all the things that I didn’t like about the language…

And don’t get me wrong, the sound of the words doesn’t bother me that much. My current solution (though technically breaking the phonetic rules) are simply to change the stress patterns of the language. So instead of saying TOki POna LI TOki POna, one says toKI poNA li toKI poNA, which personally I find sounds a lot better.

No what bothers me is the shallow philosophy that seems to sit in the background of The Toki Pona Book: Truth is Relative, Simplicity is Goodness, non-essentials are bad (literally “Ike). So instead of rehashing all these frustrations, i decided to write a Toki Pona “sequence” (it doesn’t display enough structure to be called a poem, but it might just resemble one):

pona li pona ala nanpa ali
 wan ijo li pona ala e ali
 wan li pona e oko
 mute ijo li ike e ala ali
 oko li oko e mute pona
 mute ali li ike ala
 mute li pona
 wan wan li ike ala
 wan li pona
 pona li pona ala
 ike li ike ala

And no, don’t worry. This time, I wont be daft enough to leave you without a translation, even though it is rough, and won’t carry the same tone as the (extremely ambiguous) original:

simple is not good always
 one thing does not make good all
 one does good to the eye
 many things do not bad to all
 the eye sees a lot good
 not many is all bad
 many is good
 one one is all bad
 one is good
 simple is not good
 non-essential is not bad

If you concluded that that made very little sense, don’t worry. You’re probably right!


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