The advantages of learning two languages at once – Briefly!

  1. You can play them off against each other (Going back to French grammar, for example, after so much Spanish (which is significantly more foreign, and precise), is very comfortable!).
  2. It’s more difficult to burn out, since you can always switch.
  3. Therefore your time is spent more efficiently.
  4. Allthough one can get things confused, it’s means you learn to distinguish the languages early on (like putting cogs in the right places before letting them grow… if only cogs grew!). n.b. I don’t really know if this last assertion holds up!

2 thoughts on “The advantages of learning two languages at once – Briefly!

  1. Helena

    Definitely have to try this… Considering sometimes I mix Spanish up with English (‘debido que’ would be so useful if we could use it in our everyday conversation) I have always been curious about what it is like to learn multiple languages at once. Sounds fun though, the way you are putting it! :)

    1. Joe Grimer Post author

      ¡Guau! El frase “debido que” es muy útil para mi, porque es lo siempre de “a cause de” en frances. Esto es muy importante, por que es como el metaphysics de Aristotle. Pero es demasiado dificil explicar en español ahora para mi.


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