TED: Re imagining School

In line with my recent interest in education, I’ve been slowly going through this playlist of TED talks: Re-imagining School, and I would like to write down a few of my thoughts on each one.

Ken Robinson

This one is the classic ted talk, and I think even ten years later, it’s very good. I did watch it a while back (2008 maybe) but I didn’t buy into how much this guy is saying. First of all, he’s a very engaging, funny, speaker. His idea basically comes down to incorporating creativity in schools. To be honest, I don’t know if this is the best idea yet, but this video offered a lot of food for thought! I might add that if you want more of his comedic style, a lot more videos have come out since.

Khan Academy

I like Khan Academy. Every so often I go back to it and binge on Sal’s videos (I would note that I only watch the Sal ones, as I personally find the other speakers annoying). But I’m leaning away from his idea of turning the classroom around, simply because I don’t feel that technology is actually the solution. I personally suffer from eye problems from using the computer too much in my secondary education, and I think this is a very big obstacle to technology being the best idea (yet!)… However, his points about 1-on-1 help, the value of more social teaching (especially in primary and secondary) do seem to ring true.

12 year old poor Indian Biochemists

This one made me think about a simpler kid of learning… thinking about education as more of a challenge or game. The idea of asking the question before the kid knows the answer is really weird, but interesting.

Japanese Kindergarten

This was more of an architectural approach, which I thought was fun and helpful, but I also felt it was probably a small blip on the radar (though I’m happy to be proven wrong!)


Whilst I didn’t think this lady was the best speaker (n.b. I can’t talk), I thought the online service she talked about was really good, and well done. Also the idea of fellow students marking work (and the correlation to show it’s effectiveness) was very very interesting. It made me sign up for (the similar) FutureLearn straight away, and now I’m doing the science of nutrition and Spanish!

Studio Schools

I don’t really have much to say about this… a practical, hands on, cooperative, pragmatic school :D

Once Upon a School

The reason I find this one exceptional (in comparison) is that it’s about a particular institution doing something specific in a real part of the world. They made it effective and fun, and it hits me on a much more human level!

There were a couple more… but they felt like more of the same (good, but repetition). If you have any additional thoughts, feel free to comment and we can have a discussion about them!


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