Nomic Lite – A Lighter Variant of a Meta-Game

In case you haven’t heard of nomic, I recommend you read the original article that introduced the game. In short: It’s a kind of game where the rules change as the game continues. It has a base ruleset, which is a basic “democratic” system and a few basic win conditions, but essentially establishes a base on which to build whatever kind of rule system one wants.

As of yet, i have played two games of nomic (in real life) and although they are entirely different, we ended up spending a lot of time in both of them simply pruning unnecessary rules. Therefore, I would like to propose a lighter version, which we will certainly use from now on:

101. All players must always abide by all the rules then in effect, in the form in which they are then in effect.

102. The game should be commenced with the youngest player’s turn.
Players shall continue to take turns in clockwise order.

103. One turn consists of proposing one rule-change and having it voted on.

104. A rule change is the enactment, repeal or amendment of a rule. It will be adopted if and only if they receive unanimous approval.

105. Every player is an eligible voter, receives exactly one vote and must participate in every vote on rule-changes.

106. All proposed rule-changes should be clearly stated before they are voted on. If they are adopted, they shall be added/edited to the current rules, and take full effect immediately form in which they were voted on.

107. A player always has the option to forfeit the game rather than continue to play or incur a game penalty. No penalty worse than losing, in the judgment of the player to incur it, may be imposed.

108. If the rules are changed so that further play is impossible, or if the legality of a move cannot be determined with finality, or if a move appears equally legal and illegal, then the first player unable to complete a turn is the winner.

This rule takes precedence over every other rule determining the winner.

If you are a Nomic player, do tell me what you think. To be fair, I realised that this version is a more light-hearted style of nomic, and is not as foolproof as the original, but to be honest, the appeal of nomic to me is more in the game design potential, rather than the lawyery thing.


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