How to get Go Kifu (Go records) onto your Kindle

Every so often, you google something you assume has been written about and nothing comes up. Well, today was one of those days. So, despite the fact that my readers might not find it all that interesting, I would like to add my two cents on how to get go records onto a kindle using the sgf2dg tool for linux (though I’m pretty sure it’s the same for windows).


You have to admit that B&W GoKifu just look cool!


First, you’ll need some (sgf) game records. Obviously, you might already have some of these handy. But in case you don’t, I recommend here for professional records and if you want something around your own rank (for example, I am a 13khu) I recommend searching the OGS database here.

You’ll also need sgf2dg. On linux, this should be in synaptic. On windows, I think it’s easily available for download online. Obviously, I assume a degree of technical saavy, but if you want any specifics, just ask in the comments.

Anyway, here’s the command I used (tweaked for the kindle):

sgf2dg -m 1 -converter PDF “-PDF-pageSize a6” -PDF-text_fontSize 5 *.sgf

Here’s the same for 13×13 games:

sgf2dg -m 1 -converter PDF “-PDF-pageSize a6” -PDF-text_fontSize 5 “-PDF-bottomMargin 100” *.sgf

And finally for 9×9 games:

sgf2dg -m 1 -converter PDF “-PDF-pageSize a6” -PDF-text_fontSize 5 “-PDF-bottomMargin 173” *.sgf

I hope this helped anybody who’s looking for a solution to this particular problem. When finished and loaded onto your kindle, the result should look something like this:


Yes, that is indeed a copy of the resistance at the top, and a philosophy book on the left, but that’s not the point!

For what ever reason, I have really began to enjoy watching go games on the side. Perhaps it’s because I don’t like to lose. Either way, I hope you can enjoy it too :)



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