For your Consideration: A Handful of Links

I was going to write a post today, but instead I decided to show you X other better pages, therefore hopefully increasing the value of this post exponentially (or technically by X^2).

In other words, here are a handful links that I hope will be of interest to you:

1. What is Go? – The best explanation I’ve ever seen for the brilliant game of go.PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERA

If that article sparked your interest, The Interactive way to Go will teach you the basics. And in case your interest is even more spiked, I recommend playing at

2. This Rubik’s Cube solution – I had a good look around, and I’m pretty sure the official version is the best solution out there. Once you get the idea, I highly recommend The Heise Method: Instead of feeding you algorithms, it helps you really learn the cube and takes the fun-factor to a whole new level!

3. Theme vs Mechanics: The False Dichotomy – A fascinating article which rethinks the way we analyse board games in a very intriguing way!



If you liked that one, I also recommend the BGG top 100 board games ranked by number of voters, which essentially gives you the top 100 classic board-games!

4. In case you missed it, Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition came out the other day, and they released a free rule book for download here. I highly recommend the new DnD for anyone. It’s extremely streamlined and really set up to bring out the more colorful Role-playing side of Dungeons and Dragons. The last and the best edition ever! Note: If you’re unfamiliar tabletop role playing games, all the more reason to give it a shot. I can promise it’s like nothing you’ve ever played! (in a good way ;)


And if you want to try a D&D-like game for kids, I highly recommend Heroes of Hesoid, a simplified clever little game that worked very well when I tried it (more so than Heroquest!)

5.  The Study of Anglophysics – A fairly philosophical long article about a world with a different physics (which gives you a feel for what metaphysical means, I guess). And in case that was too deep, here’s a fun article on the Metaphysics of the Martini by Edward Feser.

There we go! Five links with a couple of bonuses. That’s 5^2 = 25 times better than if I’d tried to  write my own, in theory! Do you think otherwise. Please feel free to comment if you liked it or not, because there’s lots more where they came from!


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