Pondering on the Fourth Cause of Logic

Edit: Technically, this post isn’t about Logic but Scholastic Metaphysics!

If you be a one who just wants to have fun,
Not pondering why or why not;
Then I don’t suggest you don’t stick with your bets,
And remain in the cave, thanks a lot!

“Try it, you’ll like it. you will not regret it”
Yet why grow a vineyard when you have all the grapes?
Unrest not, confound it, ignore it, forget it,
All reasons are reasons not matter their shapes.

Why not build a station sans a good foundation?
Come in and go out, we’ve no system to spout.
After all my house isn’t build by a mouse,
But a man who I figure deserves a good shout!

But a mind is what’s me, not a house or a tree,
It forms no-thing less than the primary station.
Despite what may be a truth-reachable key,
Perhaps I should make a more solid foundation.

What be this se-cret, where you’re hedging your bet?
Where is the power to shield the unshielded?
Are we alone in this shadow-ed home?
Or is there in fact a potential un-yielded?

Logic it’s known as, but not like the Nomads,
A sword to a club in a city of chaos,
A fallacy, a syllogism, an ar-bitrar-y Euph-mism,
Is what now we’ve got in the place of the lot.

Each science, each art, each place where we start,
Is grounded in something another-way got,
Not knowledge but reason. Sci-en-ti-fic treason,
Is waiting for those who won’t give it a shot.

P.S. Some Good Books on Logic:

The Organon
– Memoria Press’s Traditional Logic
Peter Kreeft’s Socratic Logic
Sister Miriam Joseph’s The Trivium (My Current Favorite)


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