Board Game Review: Friday

I apologise in advance for the (lack of) quality in the images. I hope my nack will improve as time goes on!

The title of this post, as you may have noticed, begins with the words: Board Game. Now of course, a typical notion of a Board game would probably include a board, some people and something to move round on the board. Is this that? No

Said in more specific terms, Friday is a solitaire, deck building, card game which plays in about half an hour. Here is a picture of the Box:



Ok, so it’s a solitaire game. A lot of boardgamers argue that it a solitaire board game is as good/bad as playing a computer game. And I agree, save one thing: Eye relief. I spend a lot f time on the computer, and I found it quite relaxing to go to this for a change, when everybody else is bored of playing board games!

This game is actually really fun, and very high quality. The following image is a picture of the counters in the game, which could have been cubes, but instead were these cool little arrow-heads:



The rules are a bit hard to get your head round, and laying the game out can be a little confusing, but most of all, the game is rather hard to win, even at level 1!



The game follows a story quite well.  Robinson Crusoe starts off really Really stupid, and you have to decide which “quests” he will go on in order to improve his ability. You can go for the easy quests, and work on his skills slowly, or “go all in” with the hard quests and try to purge Crusoe from all ills early on in the game. There are four stages in the story:

1. The green stage. The quests are fairly easy, to cope with the shoddy deck you have.

2. The yellow stage: A little harder

3. The red stage: I don’t many of these, and generally make it out by the skin of my teeth

4. The pirates: Two final “quests” in which you are given a LOT of choices. This stage is all about Combos, and there is less luck, but it is fairly dependent on how well you constructed your deck earlier on in the game. This is, so to speak, the Magic: The Gathering that Dominion was missing.



The above image is a picture of the first game I actually won (my fourth, I think). As you can see, almost my whole Robinson deck is out on the table, scoring points. I also managed to find half a coconut to thematically store the life counters in!

So… Did I like this game? Yes, very much so. Should you get it? Yes, if opponents are hard to find, but the endless thirst for a good board-game too hard to quench!


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