Fenix Official Band, Finally Live…

For the past month or so, I’ve been working on a website for a client’s band. It was scheduled to go live in various stages. First it would go live in simple html form, with a signup form, a logo and a couple of links. Then Various videos and mentions would be put into place. Then, finally, a reasonably dynamic website would go live with a couple of sub-stages. That’s where I am now. In the future I plan to help put into effect other various improvements on the website.

As usual, with any new website I make, I am presented with some new challenge with which I’m only vaguely familiar. For this website, my client wanted a background image that behaves in a certain way. And of course, how I was told the background should behave changed over time! But that’s ok. One can’t really predict what something will really look like before (s)he’s seen it!

Anyway, on with the specifics:


Above is the front page of the website. As you can see, it is fairly simple with a Mailing List, a logo, and a couple of links. The original “live” site was basically just this with a “(Coming Soon)” notice preventing the “Website” button from being click-able.

Most of the work for making the above section was actually the background image. It was very difficult to convert the file I had into a usable background that was presentable, but I think, in the end, I managed it. For the mailing list, I used Mail-Chimp, which I plan to change eventually (too many rules of varying levels of irritation). I also used J-Query for the few “special effects” I have included.

Selection_002This is the real front page, that’s arrived at upon clicking the “Website” button. As you can see, it’s very simply for the moment. I have no doubt that further complexities will follow! Once again, I spent quite a while tweaking the presentation for this part.

Other interesting challenges were the music player, and the variable header (wordpress). In the future, I plan to implement a forum, more content, comments, and hopefully a more cluttered sidebar!


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