Coffee, Croissant, Cypher

My latest project:                   “Coffee, Croissant, Cypher”

I spent quite a while on this scene. I followed Andrew Price’s photorealism pyramid as a guide to how long I should spend on and in what order I should do the various stages of the scene (Modeling, Lighting, Texturing and Rendering). Of course, I may have tweaked things from earlier stages as I was going through the leter ones, but I generally did follow it (I think!).

Hat off to Blendtuts’s coffee cup tutorial which also helped a lot. He has some brilliant modeling and texturing advice that helped me with this scene. I really enjoyed watching his tutorials and I highly recommend them!

My original plan was to have a coffee spill on the pages. But, it wasn’t really working so I scrapped it. I also wasn’t sure what kind of money to use in the tray, but in the end I just chose british money, which I was more familiar with and thought would suit the scene better (british spies?).

As you may have guessed: the hardest part of the image was the croissant. I constantly remodeled and retextured it. Although I realize the final output isn’t perfectly realistic, I did try to get as close to realism as possible.

I changed the composition and lighting a couple of times through the process. In compositing: I did some minor colour corrections and a small vingette (which you may have already noticed).

Now: Enough paragraphs. Here are a few behind the scenes shots:


One of the first (clay) rendersfinalRender_clay

Final Clay render (Lit by World)FinalWireframe

Final Wireframe view
I hope you enjoyed it and please comment and tell me what you think!


2 thoughts on “Coffee, Croissant, Cypher

    1. Joe Grimer Post author

      Oh, Thanks. Sorry about that. I spent ages on the texturing. It obviously wasn’t long enough!
      Oh, fine. The Theme is called Twenty Twelve. personally, I like to write my WordPress themes from scratch, but it seems there are certain restrictions…


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